The Artigues & Ollières wind farm, developed by Ecodelta (for which the initial building permit dated from… 2008 !) entered the construction phase in the course of 2019. Terre & Lac Conseil was appointed 12 months ago to provide assistance to the project owner in terms of engineering and site preparation, then supervision of the construction of this project.

This wind farm will be the first in the department of Var (and is currently the only one authorised). It is a large-scale project, featuring 22 wind turbines installed in the municipalities of Artigues and Ollières, near Saint-Maximin. The turbines selected are Vestas V90s, with an overall height of125 m and a unit capacity of 2.2 MW, meaning the entre farm will have total installed capacity of 48.4 MW, making it the biggest in the South of France region.

All the electricity produced by the wind turbines will be delivered to the RTE public distribution network, which requires the creation of a 33/225 kV source substation on site, also under the supervision of Terre & Lac Conseil.
The site is divided into zones, respectively site clearing, access creation, foundation laying, power grid, and source substation. Finally, the wind turbines will be delivered and assembled from April to June 2020, varying from zone to zone, following by testing and commissioning. The wind farm’s full commissioning is scheduled for July 2020.

In the operational phase, the wind farm will have an annual production of approx. 120 GWh/year, which is equivalent to the domestic consumption of more than 100,000 people (excl. heating) i.e. approx. 10% of the population of the department of Var. As a result, this wind farm will prevent the discharge of 59,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year.

The main contractors selected for the project are, excluding Vestas, which supplied the wind turbines, La Forezienne (Eiffage group – earthworks) and Omexom (civil engineering and electric works, including the source substation).

Despite its potential, the former PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) region currently has only 5 operational wind farms, all located in Bouches du Rhône and Vaucluse, i.e. total capacity of less than 50 MW.

So installed capacity in the South of France region will double with the Artigues-Ollières wind farm!