Terre et Lac Conseil is working on behalf of its client LANGA, in Puy-de-Dôme, as assistant to the owner for the Sioulet Chavanon wind farm.
The farm features 6 “small” ENERCON E53 (800 kW) wind turbines, with an installed capacity of 4.8 MW, located along the A89 motorway in the municipalities of Briffons and Prondines (Puy-de-Dôme).
Terre et Lac Conseil is supervising and coordinating the wind farm’s construction, particularly the installation of directly-managed infrastructures, as well as managing relations with the local authorities (elected officials, owners, operators, etc.).
Work on the site began in April, during a period of especially wet weather. The excavation work went ahead regardless, followed by the civil engineering, and the foundations are now under construction!
Next up are the delivery and assembly of the wind turbines. The wind farm is scheduled to be commissioned at the end of the year.
Terre et Lac Conseil’s commitment, the work of locally elected officials and the conscientiousness of the construction teams (INEO MPLR and LYAUDET TP) have resulted in the project enjoying a warm welcome in a region that’s accelerating its energy transition.
It’s worth remembering that it’ll take hardly a year of operation to wipe out the energy debt required to build this wind farm and turbines.
Some of the site’s preliminary stages:

The anchor cage is the base into which the wind turbine’s mast will be inserted. It is braced and adjusted on a blinding concrete block.

Once the cage has been installed, it is bonded with structural steel spread over several layers.

Wind turbine foundation reinforcements ready for concrete to be cast.

After casting and sufficient setting time, the entire structure, once backfilled, will be strong enough to support the wind turbine and transfer the load into the ground for several decades.