What a remarkable park! Exceptional in three ways !

– By the incredible height of its wind turbines rising up to 193 m at the blade tip! Just slightly smaller than the Incity Tower in Lyon which is 200 metres tall!
– By the fact that it is the first park installed in the beautiful Jura departement (39).
– Because one of the six wind turbines belongs to citizen investors

Terre et Lac Conseil’s scope of action on the project

Terre et Lac Conseil intervened in the project by acting as the Project Management representatives with respect to stakeholders – elected representatives, farmers, neighbours, administrations, etc. – and by supervising the installation of the 6 wind turbines. These impressively designed Enercon machines, built on 136 m concrete masts, each produce 3MW in power. They are to date the tallest in France, specifically selected for this majestic park to find the strongest and most consistent winds, and provide optimal yield.

The inauguration

The park was commissioned in early 2018 almost 11 years after the original outlines of the project and inaugurated on Saturday 29 September in a ceremony attended by elected representatives, residents and, therefore, co-owners. They all praised the people involved in the project, the tenacity of elected representatives and, in particular, of Mr Dufour, the Mayor of Chamole, for bringing this project to completion. Now all can admire these wind turbines turn in the wind.
The park will produce about 33 million kWh per year, enough to power the surrounding villages in clean, renewable energy, as this is the electricity consumption – excluding heating – of around 10,000 households. A possible extension plan is already in the pipeline given the success of this initial project!
Terre et Lac Conseil congratulates Enercon and Intervent for the quality of the project and the organisation of this great inauguration. Terre et Lac Conseil is very proud to have been part of the development of this construction.

Find out more : https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/bourgogne-franche-comte/jura/plus-hautes-eoliennes-france-inaugurees-chamole-jura-1549826.html