On 17 May 2018, the Bonnet & Houdelaincourt wind farm, installed in Meuse in record time, developed and built by TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL, with local partner BAE, on behalf of Langa was inaugurated in the presence of:
Patrick Billas, BAE Energies,Christophe Bret, TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL, Gilles Lebreux, LANGA, Rémy Bour, Mayor of Houdelaincourt, Philippe André, Mayor of Bonnet, Stéphane Martin, Chairman of the Portes de Meuse District Planning Authority, Daniel Rulhand, Departmental Councillor, Elisabeth Guerquin, Vice-President of the Departmental Council and Departmental Councillor Claude Léonard, President of the Departmental Council, Bertrand Pancher, French MP, Catherine Bertaux, representing Senator Franck Menonville.
It should also be noted that a number of locally elected officials from the Meuse municipalities of Erize-la-Brûlée, Belrain, Nicey-sur-Aire, Pierrefitte-sur-Aire, Treveray and Saint-Joire also attended, to find out more about the partners, their work and what stakeholders thought about this first project in Meuse. There are actually three projects based in these municipalities under consideration, featuring a total of 23 wind turbines and more than 60 MW!
In their speeches, all the elected officials expressed their satisfaction with, and support for, the project, saluting both the partners’ efforts and the quality and speed of the construction work.

Rémy Bour, Mayor of Houdelaincourt, said:
“As I had previous experience of wind farm construction in the municipality, I appreciated the skills and conscientiousness of the project managers. One of the strengths is having a single contact, from project set-up right up to the farm’s commissioning and beyond. The project manager was always willing to listen, and the work was carried out smoothly and efficiently. Although the size of this farm is modest, it kept some 6 Chardot TP staff members busy for several months. For my part, I will actively support new wind farm construction projects, which boost the local economy, with BAE, LANGA and TERRE ET LAC! ”.

Widespread support saluted

This event offered the opportunity to thank all the elected officials, the projects’ many supporters and the local public, as well as to launch a participative financing campaign to fund new studies on the Bonnet & Houdelaincourt wind farm and the next farms in development in Meuse: campaign ongoing on Enerfip. €40,000 were collected in the first 24 hours and contributions keep on coming (€65,000 in just 3 days)!

A long-term project that generates green, carbon-free energy

After 5 years of development and several months of construction, the farm is set to generate wind power for the next 25 to 30 years. It will take less than a year for these wind turbines to pay off their energy debt, i.e. generate the energy required to manufacture, transport, install and dismantle them.

In a few figures:
• 2 municipalities: Bonnet and Houdelaincourt (Meuse);
• 4 VESTAS V117 3.3 MW wind turbines, i.e. total capacity: 13.2 MW;
• Total height: 150 m to tip of blades (hub: 91.5m / blades: 58.5m);
• Commissioning on 11 February 2018;
• Production: approx. 25,000 MWh/year i.e. the equivalent of the consumption of 11,000 persons. The generation of this quantity of energy by a gas power station releases approximately 11,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere;
• Total investment: €19 million, including €3.3 million for infrastructural work (roads, platforms, foundations, power grids, etc.).