Watch this video to see what the locals, visitors, partner companies and elected officials had to say about this project, which was inaugurated on a beautiful, sunny and windy day!

The four 3.3 MW VESTAS V117 wind turbines (total capacity: 13.2 MW), have been producing clean, green and carbon-free energy since February 2018. Annual production is approximately 25,000 MWh; that is the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 11,000 people, nearly 6% of the Meuse population (192,000 inhabitants).
This wind farm was also funded via a participative financing campaign launched jointly with three other projects currently in development in Meuse. Participation (currently more than €110,000 collected in the municipalities where the wind farm is located) shows the local public support for these projects, which not only generate income for the local authorities but also for local savers via this scheme.