The Boixe wind farm, currently in development, will be located in the municipality of Aussac-Vadalle, in the Cœur de Charente community of municipalities (department of Charente), 20 km to the north of Angoulême. Three or four wind turbines are set to be installed, providing a total capacity of between 9 and 14.4 MW.

From 2016, preliminary studies were carried out by TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL in the Aussac-Vadalle area. The construction and commissioning of the farm is expected to be scheduled for 2020.
This project is part of the portfolio of projects developed as part of the partnership between LANGA and TERRE et LAC CONSEIL, which already saw the commissioning of 35 MW in 2017. The portfolio of projects either in development or under consideration represents more than 400 MW of combined capacity.

A shortcut to saving that also supports the energy transition
To enable local people to enjoy the economic benefits of a virtuous and sustainable project, a fund-raising campaign was launched for the project on 5 April 2018 on the Enerfip participative financing platform, specialised in the energy transition.
This means that any local people who want to can invest a share of their savings, from as little as €10, free of charge, in a local project and enjoy both attractive remuneration and a capital guarantee. This allows the local population to choose where to invest their money, as well as earning interest at a more advantageous rate than traditional saving solutions.
Economic benefits generated by harnessing the wind!
Via this participative financing campaign, LANGA redistributes a share of the income generated to the local area by harnessing a public asset (i.e. the wind) and enables collective and direct contribution to the energy transition.
Find out more, and play your part in the fund-raising campaign, too!

The aim of the campaign: €100,000 set to finance a share of the ongoing studies regarding the project:
Already €48,000 collected in 5 days!