TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL has a holistic approach to the renewable energy sector. TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL is capable of solving any technical, financial or strategic issue on one asset or a portfolio of assets in wind, PV solar or hydro power, for an owner, investor, operator or local authority that is considering an investment opportunity.

TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL can provide project management assistance at all stages of a project, act as the fully delegated or specific contractor in the development, construction or operational stages, provide transaction advice in the case of an asset sale or acquisition, run an equity search or find solutions for a self-financed project or bank debt negotiation.


For example, TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL can take charge of the following for its clients:

  • Estimation of the solar potential & analysis of wind potential
  • Identification of technical bottlenecks of a project & critical path
  • Issues of injection connections & negotiation of substation offers
  • Follow-up and/or analysis of audits conducted as part of due diligence
  • Monitoring of inspections and corrective measures as part of ICPE (environmentally- protected facility) authorizations