Terre et Lac stands at the heart of the ongoing global energy transition.

Its founders have been recognized professionals in the world of renewable energy for more than 20 years.

The old world of energy production, built upon centralized monopolies, finite fossil resources and unmanageable complexity, is coming to an end.

A new world is emerging, built upon:  

  • Competitive renewable energy
  • Its digital operation
  • Decentralized smart electricity grids
  • Ever-more efficient energy storage technologies
  • New opportunities for commercialising and consuming energy
  • Better consideration of externalities (guaranteed origins, production capacity, CO2 footprint)
  • Ever-growing financeability
  • The imminent arrival of hydrogen as a vector to carry renewable energy to the transport industry

Evolution of worldwide electricity sources over 40 years, in OECD countries and France

Despite major differences between countries, renewable energy is the only method for producing electricity that has continued to develop since the turn of the millennium.

For the first time, in the first half of 2020, renewable energy overtook fossil fuel in Europe!

In the first half of 2020, for the first time in modern history, the generation of renewable electricity exceeded that of fossil fuels. Moreover, the graph above shows that wind and solar power are the usual replacements for coal for electricity production in Europe.


In addition to its strong commitment to renewable energies, Terre et Lac is committed to maintaining a high standard of professional conduct in its projects.

They firmly believe that dreams can become reality by focusing efforts and upholding the company’s values and professionalism.


Renewable energy is the backbone of this new energy paradigm. Combined with the digitalisation of processes and exchanges as well as storage and electromobility solutions, it paves the way for a third industrial revolution, which shall create a range of opportunities for local authorities and investors, power producers, energy consumers and project developers.

The worldwide rise of renewable energy  

The value of renewable energy, the foundation of its current spectacular worldwide adoption, is based on several factors:

  • Firstly, it is increasingly competitive compared to fossil fuel and nuclear energies on a full cost basis.
  • It does not deplete the earth natural resources.
  • It is available anywhere and does not require long distance transport.
  • It has a limited impact on local ecosystems and landscapes.
  • It relies on a strong technological innovation base and provides a great source of employment.
  • It does not carry any risk to future generations and enjoys strong local support.



Terre et Lac offers assistance at each stage of all types of projects.


Industry-recognized professionals with over 3 GW of projects


Renewable energy and local authorities are at the heart of the ongoing energy transition