Highlights at EnerGaïa

The EnerGaïa Forum in Montpellier was an unmissable event for renewable energy players such as TERRE ET LAC Conseil and TERRE ET LAC Solaire.
A large number of elected representatives and energy transition stakeholders attended the event in order to voice their views on this revolution and on the new, ambitious goals.

CAROLE DELGA, President of the Occitanie region, opened the 11th forum and in her inaugural speech, she outlined the milestones of global energy transition and presented the ambitious resources and goals of the Occitanie region: “Together, let’s become the first positive energy region in Europe”.

Bertrand Piccard – psychiatrist, famous explorer, designer of Solar Impulse and President of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions – also took the floor at the forum to state that: “Occitanie targets a clean technological growth objective. It’s not more, it’s better. It’s exciting and leaves absolutely no room for doubt”. Mellyn Massebiau, associate director of TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL, met with Bertrand Piccard and was able to thank him for his action against climate change, his presence in Occitanie for the EnerGaia 2017 exhibition and his support of wind power development.
Terre et Lac Conseil and Terre et Lac Solaire are regional actors. They are involved on a daily basis in accomplishing the energy transition goals as set out by the Occitanie region, notably through the development of the El Singla wind park, which they recently inaugurated El Singla wind farm, or the solar roofing installed for the Tatavel and Vingrau wine cooperatives.
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Happy New Year to you all!

Happy New Year to you all!
Lots of projects came to fruition in 2017… such as the El Singla wind park in the Pyrénées Orientales region, the tallest wind turbines in France were installed in Chamole in the Jura region, wind turbines were also set-up in Bonnet Houdelaincourt in the Meuse region and finally the Mont d’Erny park in Pas de Calais. No fewer than 24 wind turbines were erected under our supervision following several years of development! Totalling 65 MW of commissioned power, they represent around 5% of the record wind power installed in France in 2017!
TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL will continue to support you in 2018 in your renewable energy projects with all its enthusiasm and positive energy.

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TERRE ET LAC group is now on Youtube!

Some messages and information require video to be properly displayed, and the format of our website isn’t necessarily right for sharing them.
This is why the Terre et Lac Group has set up its Youtube channels. They already include coverage of:
TERRE ET LAC Solar’s green move to the heart of Lyon (November 2017)
the impressive transportation of the blades for the El Singla wind farm through the Agly gorges (July 2017)
the exceptional inauguration day for the El Singla wind farm, against the backdrop of an autumnal landscape typical of this highland area. (October 2015)
You will soon be able to see the group’s new video messages! and above all don’t forget to subscribe to follow us or comment on our videos. Enjoy watching!

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The inauguration of the El Singla wind park: a resounding success to conclude a long project!

Despite difficult weather conditions, the inauguration of the 9 turbines of the El Singla wind park took place on 19 October amidst the autumn colours of the vineyards.

This ceremony was the result of many years’ work, a real success shared by the Territory, the Region, the Département and Municipalities. Mr Philippe VIGNES, Prefect of Pyrénées Orientales, Mr Laurent Alaton, Deputy Prefect, Mr Charles CHIVILO, President of the Inter-Municipal Committee of Agly Fenouillèdes, Departmental councillor for the canton of Vallée de l’Agly, Ms Eliane JARYCKI, Regional Councillor, Occitanie, Mr Pierre Estève, President of Pays de l’Agly, Mr Jacques BAYONA, Mayor of Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet, Mr Pierre Henri BINTEIN, Mayor of Prugnanes, Mr Peter SCHUSTER, Chairman of Enercon France (the turbine installation company), Mr Gilles LEBREUX, Representative of Avanty, Chairman of the LANGA Group (project owner) and Mr Christophe BRET, Director of TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL (owner support) were all present on this fine inaugural day.

Their speeches reflected this success and dynamic event for Les Fenouillèdes! All praised the work, tenacity, follow-up, expertise and dependability of all the public and private partners involved in this project which would not have succeeded without them.

Established in the towns of Prugnanes and Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet in a previously inaccessible – and now developed – zone, the project was initiated in late 2007 by the inter-municipal community of Agly-Fenouillèdes and, in particular, the town of Prugnanes. Together, they defined a potential deployment zone for the wind turbines within the ZDE (wind development zone) project to launch more precise studies.

TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL, has been assigned by LANGA, the project owner, to work on the finalisation of this project since 2013: development, obtaining of permits and funding and construction and operation of 9 Enercon wind turbines with a nacelle 75 high with blades measuring 35 metres each.
The existence of this green energy production tool is therefore the result of the strong determination of local authorities and citizens who initiated, followed up and supported this project. The El Singla wind park site took almost 18 months to complete, starting January 2016: 6 months to clear the ground and open tracks, about 6 months for infrastructure work and the remaining time to assemble the machines. These were commissioned in July 2017.

It is also a success because the park satisfies the need to develop energy production modes promoted by the French Energetic Transition Act, with goals such as renewable energy development, energy diversification and enhancement of the territory’s resources. The El Singla wind park contributes to the national goal of increasing electricity production means on the basis of clean, renewable energy and helps increase the proportion of wind power in the French energy mix. Furthermore, the project brings the source of electricity production closer to consumers (homes, shops, etc.). The 9 wind turbines represent a total installed power of 20.7 MW for annual production estimated at 51,750 MWh. This production represents consumption by a population of around 45,000 excluding heating (the equivalent of the population of the arrondissement of Prades) and will prevent the discharge of some 26,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.
It is also a success with respect to the socio-economic feedback produced by such an installation. This is considerable in terms of local taxes and the payment of rents. In concrete terms, this income is reinjected into the territory for the well-being of the population.

Economic activity for local companies during the construction period was high. The construction works generated turnover of around 2.2 million euros for the whole park for local subcontractors (public works, utilities, concrete, etc.). Finally, the park has created direct and indirect jobs linked to the installation and operation of wind turbines.
This day brought together a varied public including stakeholders in local economic life, elected representatives and even schoolchildren, as pupils of Saint Paul de Fenouillet primary school were invited for a workshop on green energy and wind power (production of wind turbines and kites)! Everyone was proud and happy to inaugurate a profitable project from all angles!

The atmosphere was friendly with a focus on local produce (wines and juices) and the presence of Mr Pierre Giresse, professor emeritus of geology at Perpignan University, Via Domitia, who signed his book, “Terres de vins – promenades géologiques en pays catalan”, published by Trabucaire.
As the mayor of Prugnanes put it, we hope that good winds will blow on El Singla and we wish it all the best!

The site in a few figures: It consists of a park of 9 Enercon E70 turbines, with a hub 75 metres high. These turbines have a unit power of 2.3 MW, i.e. a park of 20.7 MW.
9 ENERCON E70 wind turbines
Unit power: 2.3 MW
Total power of the park: 20.7 MW
Annual production: 51,750 MWh/year. The equivalent of the domestic consumption of 45,000 people, excluding heating)
Equivalent avoided CO2 emissions: 26,000 tonnes per year

Discover the video of this special event

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El Singla: A new wind farm in Fenouillèdes (Pyrénées-Orientales).

Terre et Lac Conseil is currently completing the construction of the El Singla wind farm for its customer Avanty (the Langa Group)
It straddles the communes of Prugnanes and Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet in a hitherto inaccessible and now developed site! All the wind turbines are located on communal land, thus maximising the spin-offs for the local authorities.
It is worth bearing in mind that this project is the first of a framework agreement between TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL and LANGA concerning the identification, development, financing and completion of a portfolio of over 100 MW lasting until 2020. The El Singla wind farm development project began in January 2016 and has lasted close to 18 months. It is due to be activated in July 2017. It has taken 6 months to clear the land and create tracks, about 6 months to create the infrastructure and the rest to assemble the machines.
The site in a few figures:
9 ENERCON E70 wind turbines
Power per unit: 2.3 MW
Overall power of wind farm: 20.7 MW
Yearly production: 51,750 MWh/year, equivalent to the domestic consumption of 45,000 people (excluding heating)
Avoided CO2 emission equivalent: 26,000 tonnes per year
The next construction project will be located in the communes of Bonnet and Houdelaincourt in Meuse (13.2 MW) with larger and more powerful wind turbines (to be activated before the end of the year). To be continued!

Wind Turbines building film

We created this stunning aerial video to explain and show our expertise on building wind turbines and wind farms

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Prugnanes mayor testimonial

A big Thank you to M. Pierre-Henri Bintein

We received a letter of testimony and thanks from the Mayor of Prugnanes, Mr Pierre-Henri Bintein, concerning the El Singla wind project. This testimony summarizes the many years of efforts and joint work that we have carried out in close collaboration with the commune of Prugnanes and Avanty.
We would also like to extend our warmest thanks to the Mayor for his letter, which pleased the entire team of TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL.

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