The Bonnet and Houdelaincourt wind park in the Meuse: built in record time!

After years of development, discussions and administrative investigations, it took fewer than 12 weeks to build the infrastructure and install the first wind turbine. The whole construction was completed in just 5 months. It was perfectly prepared and coordinated by Terre et Lac Conseil, despite pretty tough wintry conditions.
The park is now up and running and the turbines will produce carbon-free green energy for the next 25 to 30 years.
In all, it will have taken only three years between the filing of the applications for administrative permits (PC + ICPE) and the commissioning of the wind park. Terre et Lac Conseil was in charge of development, supported the funding, prepared the construction site and coordinated the building of this project for the SPEBH company, a subsidiary of the LANGA group.
It is the second wind park project commissioned in 2017 (for a total 35 MW) as part of the partnership between LANGA and Terre et Lac initiated in 2013. Several dozen other projects are scheduled between 2018 and 2023 for a total accumulated power of 300 to 500 MW.
In particular, four other projects are currently in construction in the Meuse and Moselle regions. A major crowd-funding campaign will be set up in the next few weeks aimed at neighbours of project sites and extended to residents of the Grand-Est region.
Reminder of the technical details:
4 x 3.3 MW VESTAS V117 wind turbines
Mast height: 91 m
Blade length: 58 m
Total installed power: 13.2 MW
Production of 25,000 MWh/year i.e. an equivalent of 8,000 households
In this video, discover the raising of the park’s first wind turbine!

Terre et Lac Conseil would like to thank its main partners in this operation:

SPEBH and LANGA, contracting owner.
Billas Avenir Energie, local partner.
INEO and Chardot TP, in charge of building the infrastructures.
The elected representatives and residents of the municipalities of Bonnet and Houdelaincourt for their support.

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El Singla: neighbours talk about the wind park and its long story

It took more than 10 years of work, discussions, negotiations, reassurance and replies to many questions to accompany neighbours in this project and win their support. They now contemplate this park in which they were involved and all are satisfied with the benefits for their village and above all this green, sustainable and ethical power. These neighbours are given a say, including Séverine Bourrier, wine producer at Château de l’Ou and Eric Bouchadel, local businessman.


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El Singla, a wind park in the middle of practically inaccessible scrubland

Besides the technical feat of transporting 35 m long blades along the narrow roads of the Aggly gorges (see the video showing the transportation by wide-load, escorted convoy), it was necessary to develop hitherto inaccessible land and rugged terrain to build the wind park’s infrastructure. The site is now also open to ramblers, mountain bikers and visitors. Even hunters are back now that the year’s work no longer disturbs their habits.
The success of this project was made possible by ENERCON, the builder of nine E70 wind turbines, which also transported and installed them on the infrastructure developed by LANGA and TERRE ET LAC.  Watch the testimonial by Peter Schuster, Enercon’s France Director, and by Thibaut Labonde, France Enercon’s sales engineer and their feelings about this project.

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El Singla, a large-scale wind park, now produces green energy in the Fenouillèdes

In this video you will discover the reactions of local elected representatives – Ms Eliane Jarycki, Regional Councillor, Occitanie Region, Mr Jacques BAYONA, Mayor of Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet, Mr Charles CHIVILO, Chairman of the local federation of municipal councils Agly Fenouillèdes, Departmental Councillor of the canton of Vallée de l’Agly and Mayor of Maury -, all involved in the project and present at the inauguration of this new wind park on 19 October 2017.

Since then the park has moved into cruising speed and, as the wind blows, produces enough to satisfy the annual consumption of 45,000 people (excluding heating)!  It also is a new long-term contribution to municipal and inter-municipal budgets and therefore helps to develop or maintain a number of public investments or services in this rural area.

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