In addition to their turbine manufacturing and installation expertise, Vestas has a whole team partly based in Nancy, who work alternative days on the preventive and corrective maintenance of the wind farm. Check out the key points of this project:

Let’s hear from Olivier Mersch, VESTAS France Sales Manager

“Vestas is happy that its French portfolio includes the Bonnet-Houdelaincourt wind farm located in Meuse in the Lorraine region. It features four 3.3 MW V117 wind turbines, for a total capacity of 13.2 MW.This wind farm’s construction went really smoothly and all the project teams had the pleasure of working together on this site, which enabled proper coordination of the erection and commissioning of this first Vestas wind farm.
This farm will be operated by Vestas France’s Service teams: the Vestas maintenance centre is based just outside Nancy, in Lay-Saint-Christophe. This maintenance centre is home to around 30 engineers, technicians, and technical operators, and currently manages more than 350 MW of commissioned wind turbine projects.
The development and construction prospects in the region will add to this team.Accordingly, Vestas is encouraging BAE, Langa and Terre et Lac to continue their development work and the public authorities to facilitate new construction projects.”