Lespigue 6.9 MW wind turbine project

After several years of studies, an environmental permit application was filed for the Lespigue wind turbine project, featuring three 2.3 MW turbines, on behalf of Langa-Engie.

Located in the municipality of Lestrade-et-Thouels, as an extension to the existing 5-turbine wind farm, this project is currently going through the approval process; the public inquiry should be held in 2020.

As it is subject to French legislation on facilities classified for environmental protection, which features very strict requirements, this project required several in-depth studies on themes including fauna, flora, fitting into the landscape, compliance with noise regulations, etc. All these studies were included in an impact assessment, appended to the permit application, highlighting the measures taken to avoid, reduce or offset environmental and health impacts.

This project, located in the Grands Causses Regional Nature Reserve will have to meet the obligation to involve both local people and authorities in the funding process. The aim of this participative approach is to allow any citizens who so desire to invest part of their savings directly into a local wind farm, contributing to the energy transition.

Photomontage of the project:

Clapas 9MW ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant

This abandoned road used during construction of the A75 motorway as an excavated earth storage area was a promising site for a ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant project. Firstly, in conjunction with elected officials from La Cavalerie, Terre & Lac Conseil was appointed to prepare and oversee the invitation to tender for the fitting of solar panels on the roof of the municipal medical centre, then focused on this ground-mounted solar project.

After carrying out the studies and doing the development work required for this type of project, Terre & Lac filed the building permit application on Corfu Solaire’s behalf in summer 2019. The approval process is ongoing and the public inquiry should take place in spring 2020. Based on Terre & Lac’s policy to develop projects and involve local people, this ground-mounted solar farm, located in the Grands Causses Nature Reserve, will be locally crowd-funded (35% investment). If the project receives uncontested approval, this solar energy farm should be completed by the end of 2020.

Photomontage of the project: