This wind farm, featuring 3 Enercon E82 wind turbines with a unit capacity of 2.3 MW, is located in the municipalities of Sailly-au-Bois (Pas-de-Calais) and Colincamps (Somme).

The inauguration ceremony was held 10 years to the day after the filing of the first permit applications. It took many years of development to achieve this success, plus unfailing support from the elected officials who played a decisive role on this project.

From left to right in the photo: Christophe Bette (from behind), Construction Consultant at Terre & Lac ConseilEtienne MartinDirector, Langa/Engie France Renewables, Pascal Berlu, EAD / Langa-ENGIE group, project developerDamien Borotproject developer,  Bruno Le Roux de Bretagne, Mayor of Colincamps, Georgette MikolajczakMayor of Sailly, Charlotte CoppierDeputy Managing Director, Terre & Lac Conseil, Aurélie Woloszyn, Enercon.

The wind farm was developed by Eole Avenir Développement (EAD), a company bought by the Langa group in 2018. Terre & Lac Conseil got involved on the project after the takeover. It started by assisting Langa and EAD with making the final touches to developing the project and ensuring it received uncontested approval. Then it handling the preparation of the construction in parallel to the merger of the Langa and Engie groups.

Terre & Lac Conseil represented the project owner in its dealings with elected officials, administrative authorities, locals, operators, and owners, and worked alongside the historical teams (EAD), teams from Langa, then Engie BU, and finally Engie Green.

After 7 months of construction, mainly over the winter, the wind turbines were officially commissioned in April 2019. This was made possible by the hard work and professionalism shown by the earthworks, civil engineering, electrical engineering, transport, and lifting contractors, the wind turbine manufacturer, and the designers and engineers.

The wind farm will be operated by Engie Green and maintained by Enercon.

Terre & Lac Conseil projects for Langa / Engie GroupOperational: 22 wind turbines / 46 MW

  • 2019: “3 Communes” wind farm 6.9 MW – 3 Enercon E82@78m, 2.3 MW
  • 2018: “Sioulet Chavanon” wind farm 4.8 MW – 6 Enercon E53@73m, 0.8 MW
  • 2018: “Bonnet Houdelaincourt” wind farm 13.2 MW – 4 Vestas V117@91m, 3.3 MW
  • 2017: “El Singla” wind farm 20.7 MW – 9 Enercon E70@74m, 2.3 MW

Under construction: 6 wind turbines / 22 MW

  • 2020: “Plaine de l’Etantot” wind farm 21.6 MW – 6 Nordex N117@91m, 3.6 MW

Authorised projects (filed by Terre & Lac Conseil for its customer LANGA): 20 wind turbines / 52 MW