Terre et Lac Conseil was founded in 2012 by professionals in the renewable energy sector: Pierre-Emmanuel Martin, Christophe Bret, Franck Thierry and Edouard Lamy.
In their previous careers, as CEO, COO or professional investor, they have developed, built, funded and operated:
500 MW of wind power | 75 MW of solar power | 15 MW

Terre et Lac Conseil was founded in 2012 by professionals in the renewable energy sector: Pierre-Emmanuel Martin, Christophe Bret and Franck Thierry. Terre et Lac Conseil professionals are therefore very familiar with the joint momentum that underpins each electric market in Europe, which is the result of three powerful forces:

  • integration and interconnection of power grids;
  • the liberalization of the market, together with the introduction of competition in production and sales
  • a major and radical technological change (smart networks, decentralized and clean production, competitive renewable energies).

The Management team

Managing Partners

Partners and Consultants

Our experience

The Terre et Lac Conseil founders have considerable experience in running businesses, managing teams of engineers and technicians and supervising the development, funding, construction and operation of wind, solar and hydro power projects. Moreover, as professional investors, they have reviewed numerous investment opportunities, conducted extensive due diligence processes, presented opportunities to investment committees and executed numerous transactions both on the buy-side and on the sell-side. They have also gathered experience as Executives at one of the largest European utilities (ENEL) and have identified the basic premises of the power market in Europe and the place and role of renewable energy in that market.

Finding solutions

The professionals at Terre et Lac Conseil understand in particular the inherent challenges associated with grid connection, feed-in tariffs and EPC (“turnkey”) and O&M (operation & maintenance) contracts in Europe as well as in emerging markets.

Last but not least, they understand the high market value of the electricity produced from renewable energy sources. In one of their past assignments, they were involved in creating the first European platform dedicated to the exchange of green certificates (RECS – Renewable Energy Certificate System), which then acted as the prototype for the creation of the European clean energy certification system (Guarantee of origin), currently set up in the various EU Countries (EU Directive 2008/29/EC §15).

Key Points

The Terre et Lac Conseil team members intervene in all types of projects.
These recognized professionals have developed 600 MW of installed projects.
Renewable energy is the focal point of an energy transition that has become a necessity.