31 Mar 2019

This project is certainly the largest built in France in 2018 in terms of total installed power (20 Nordex N117 wind turbines producing 3 MW, 5 delivery stations, 60 MW).
Terre et Lac Conseil was involved in the acquisition, then supervised the construction of the wind park as the contracting authority.

On 15 December 2018, right on schedule, the first kilowatt-hours were injected into the network by the HS5 wind turbine. Five E14 purchasing contracts have since come into effect and the project achieved its substantial completion on 31.03.2019 having already produced almost 35 GWh!

Terre et Lac in fact organised the call for tender that selected VSB EN for the technical operation of parks for a 3-year period.

Terre et Lac will remain involved in this project through a representation agreement to manage the operating companies.

05 Mar 2019

Terre et Lac Conseil has actively participated in the transfer of photovoltaic plants as an exclusive technical consultant on several assets including:
the Ortaffa park (24 MWc), EADS and Sanofi solar canopies (a total of 4MWc), as well as the Ollières and Méounes projects (a total of 20 MWc) owned by funds managed by its client, 123 IM, and purchased by Ténergie.

(The Ortaffa site in progress in July 2013)



15 Feb 2019

For its client, Langa, Terre et Lac Conseil is overseeing the Trois Communes wind park in Somme and Pas de Calais. Work is in progress on this park, consisting of three Enercon E82 wind turbines, designed to produce total power of 6.9 MW. The infrastructure was ready in the autumn and the components of the first turbines were delivered in early 2019. It is now time for these machines to be hoisted up!

01 Feb 2019

The park was delivered and the additional remuneration contract started on 1st January 2019!

It was a rapid set-up for the park, consisting of 6 “small” ENERCON E53 wind turbines, producing an installed power of 4.8 MW, since the rights were acquired by Langa in early 2018.

It took Terre et Lac Conseil just one year to get funding, prepare the site, sign agreements with the turbine manufacturer and contractors in charge of setting up the infrastructure for our client, Langa.

It will soon be officially inaugurated: watch this space!

16 Jan 2019

In the second half of 2018, all the administrative authorisations were obtained for the La Plaine de l’Etantot wind park project (6 wind turbines producing 3.6 MW each in the Seine Maritime department). This project was identified and developed by TelCo, with its local partner, Seider. Terre et Lac Conseil will start construction on this project for Langa in 2019, for commissioning in 2020.
A participative funding scheme, to which many neighbours have signed up, was set up as of November 2019.

14 Jan 2019

Terre et Lac Conseil is building up its teams to better support our energy transition and always provide the best advice. We all hope that 2019 will be a year full of positive energy!

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05 Nov 2018

Located in the municipalities of Delettes and Enguinegatte in the department of Pas-de-Calais, the wind farm is equipped with five Nordex N100 2.5 MW wind turbines, and was inaugurated on the 5 July 2017. These local authorities chose to make the most of the area’s major natural resource (i.e. the wind) and the tenacity to work on this long-term project for more than 10 years…

TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL’s expertise on this project

Appointed by its client RIVE Private Investment, TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL provided technical and operational assistance on this project during the acquisition phase as well as assistance to the owner during the entire construction period (Sep. 2016 – May 2017). Terre et Lac Conseil has also managed and operated this wind power station since it was commissioned on 20 April 2017

01 Oct 2018

What a remarkable park! Exceptional in three ways !

– By the incredible height of its wind turbines rising up to 193 m at the blade tip! Just slightly smaller than the Incity Tower in Lyon which is 200 metres tall!
– By the fact that it is the first park installed in the beautiful Jura departement (39).
– Because one of the six wind turbines belongs to citizen investors


17 Sep 2018

Innovative valorisation of electricity generated by the wind farm
The valorisation of the electricity generated by the wind farm is innovative as it is one of the first Additional Remuneration Contracts (i.e. the French equivalent of contracts for difference) introduced by lawmakers back in December 2016. These contracts have existed since 2015 for photovoltaic power stations.

This means that the energy will be sold to a third party who will commercialise it (aggregator) and EDF’s purchase obligation agency will then pay the operator only the difference between the monthly market price and the 2016 rate (€81 / MWh). This new electricity valorisation method encourages producers to take into account the existence of an electricity market, and particularly key electrical events in real-time. For example, it means that electricity is no longer remunerated when electrical demand falls well below production in Western Europe (negative price periods). Or that maintenance slots must now be scheduled well in advance to allow the aggregator to take this into account in its dispatching.

A site that’s nearing completion
The delivery substation is now installed and live, the first three wind turbines have been erected, and the three others will follow suit before the end of September. The wind farm is scheduled to be commissioned before the end of the year. There’s more to come!

11 Sep 2018

As project initiator and local partner for the development and construction of the Bonnet & Houdelaincourt wind farm in Meuse in northeast France, Patrick Billas goes back over this long-term project: nearly 10 years passed between the project’s beginnings and its inauguration.

A professional job was done by a wide range of enthusiastic partners involved in the project, coordinated by TERRE ET LAC. Flashback