The Terre et Lac Conseil team members have a proven track record as project developers, general contractors, investors and consultants throughout the development, funding, bank financing, construction, commissioning and operational stages of renewable energy power plants, in particular with regards to solar photovoltaic, wind and hydro power plants.

They are familiar with the required procedures, the potential pitfalls and the critical steps to follow in the right order and the actions to take for successful completion of renewable energy infrastructure projects.

Terre et Lac Conseil’s competitive edge

Photovoltaic solar power

Photovoltaic solar power is the ultimate decentralized and unlimited renewable power source. The continued rapid decline in the price of photovoltaic modules and inverters, combined with technological inroads made in storage and digitized operation are leading to high voltage centralized “infrastructure” production involving a significant surface on ground, roofing or shading structures at the heart of existing urban areas, connected to medium or low voltage systems, in self-consumption or close to places of consumption. In France, the multi-annual energy programme sets out an objective of 20 GWc in 2023 as opposed to 6 GWc in late 2015, with 1/3 on roofs and 2/3 on the ground.


Wind power

Wind power is the resource that is the most effectively distributed throughout the whole of Europe. It holds the greatest deployment potential for all renewable energy and should be the greatest contributor to meet the 2020 European clean energy objectives. Wind power will play a central role in the forthcoming reorganization of the European electricity industry, for the benefit of local electricity producers/distributors and with a view to setting up a stable and extensive medium voltage power grid.  In France, the multi-annual energy programme sets out an objective of 26 HW by 2023 as opposed to 8GW in late 2015.

Hydro power

Hydro power is only available in limited quantities. It is the most modular renewable energy and is easiest to stock. The electric power it provides is virtually guaranteed, except for seasonal variations. It also currently enjoys the lowest production cost of all renewable energy sources regarding amortized plants. For all these reasons, hydro power has become a key component in all dynamic power systems that tend to integrate more wind and PV solar power. It is the basis of all renewable energy offers.


Key Points

The Terre et Lac Conseil team members intervene in all types of projects.


These recognized professionals have developed 600 MW of installed projects.

Renewable energy is the focal point of an energy transition that has become a necessity.