Terre et Lac Conseil leverages its deep understanding of all technical, legal and financial aspects of renewable energy plants to deliver first class transaction advisory services to institutional investors, project developers and energy producers. The Terre et Lac Conseil team supports its clients with regards to the preparation, coordination and execution of financial transactions involving the purchase, the sale, the funding and the financing of renewable energy projects and operating of renewable power plants.

Access to high quality equity

Terre et Lac Conseil has developed its own transactions consulting methodology based on meticulous financial, strategic and operational analysis of the renewable energy assets. The company has developed an extensive network within the community of private fund investors, which can allow funding and provide strategic advice and operational support to innovative service or product companies in the renewable energy and clean technology sector.

Terre et Lac, when providing funding consulting services, helps its clients accomplish the following tasks:

  • Definition of an appropriate transactional strategy, a solid history for capital and a well-considered investment structure;
  • Qualification of potential investors to be canvassed during the transaction process;
  • Preparation of all investment documents;
  • Setting up of an electronic data room;
  • Daily management of the transaction process and communications with potential investors;
  • Examination and discussion of indicative and conditional term sheets relating to equity;
  • Management of the due diligence process and the exclusivity period;
  • Negotiation of transaction contracts through to signing and final closing.