12 Sep 2017

Terre et Lac Conseil is currently completing the construction of the El Singla wind farm for its customer Avanty (the Langa Group)

It straddles the communes of Prugnanes and Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet in a hitherto inaccessible and now developed site! All the wind turbines are located on communal land, thus maximising the spin-offs for the local authorities.

It is worth bearing in mind that this project is the first of a framework agreement between TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL and LANGA concerning the identification, development, financing and completion of a portfolio of over 100 MW lasting until 2020. The El Singla wind farm development project began in January 2016 and has lasted close to 18 months. It is due to be activated in July 2017. It has taken 6 months to clear the land and create tracks, about 6 months to create the infrastructure and the rest to assemble the machines.

The site in a few figures:
9 ENERCON E70 wind turbines
Power per unit: 2.3 MW
Overall power of wind farm: 20.7 MW
Yearly production: 51,750 MWh/year, equivalent to the domestic consumption of 45,000 people (excluding heating)
Avoided CO2 emission equivalent: 26,000 tonnes per year

The next construction project will be located in the communes of Bonnet and Houdelaincourt in Meuse (13.2 MW) with larger and more powerful wind turbines (to be activated before the end of the year). To be continued!

Wind Turbines building film

We created this stunning aerial video to explain and show our expertise on building wind turbines and wind farms