This is the first wind farm – commissioned at the very start of 2019 – since LANGA joined Engie group in July 2018.

In the municipalities of Prodines and Briffons, the 6 Enercon turbines have been producing renewable electricity since the start of January 2019. The farm was inaugurated on Friday 17 May in the presence of a number of elected officials and key figures in the world of renewable energies. Some pictures from a well-attended, stand-out event:

Ribbon-cutting ceremony

From left to right :

  • Christophe BETTE, Construction Consultant, Terre & Lac Conseil
  • Mickaël ORION, Sales Engineer, Enercon GMBH
  • Nathalie DINI, ENGIE Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Representative
  • Frédéric PIEUS, Chairman, “Oser” regional fund
  • Laurent CEDARD, Director of operations, ENGIE France Renewables BU
  • Jean-Pierre LEGOY, Mayor of Briffons
  • Jean-Claude FOURNIER, Mayor of Prondines
  • Etienne MARTIN, Director of engineering, Langa Engie France Renewables
  • Audrey MANUBY, Puy-de-Dôme departmental councillor
  • Christophe BRET, Chairman, Terre & Lac Conseil
  • Alexandre AUGER, Communications Manager, ENGIE France Renewables BU



Visit of the farm by bike

Review of the stages of this project, which was launched a long time ago!
The project was launched in 2006 and developed by MC3, the building permits were awarded in 2010 but it wasn’t until the arrival of Langa and the “Oser” fund in 2017 that the project was finally able to become a reality with support from the local authorities and population.

Terre & Lac Conseil has been involved since late 2017, appointed by Langa group, to provide assistance to the project owner with funding, site preparation, and the construction of the farm. “Terre & Lac had to very quickly get to grips with this project, which had lost momentum over several years, and particularly drill down into its qualities and issues, before meeting local stakeholders and successfully completing the project within short deadlines and a tight budget” underlined Christophe Bret. All the elected officials and stakeholders invited to the inauguration hailed the fabulous work done in the field to successfully complete the construction in such a short amount of time!

Video of the farm’s construction:

There are numerous advantages for the municipalities and beyond Jean-Claude Fournier, Mayor of Prondines said during his inaugural speech: “I have always championed ecology and this helps to generate jobs in depopulated zones” even though he regretted the onerousness of certain administrative stages of the project.

In addition to this commitment to sustainable development and this fundamental contribution to the energy transition, the local tax windfall for the municipalities and the area of approx. €58k/year is not insignificant.
N.B.: this wind farm also contributes to the development of the turbine industry in France: Mickaël Orion (Enercon) underlined that this facility contributed to their objective of exceeding the goal of 4GW by 2020 and becoming the number 1 wind turbine employer in France with more than 1,000 employees at their factory, training centres, and maintenance base. Enercon will maintain this farm for the next 15 years.

Long-term partnersThis third wind farm built by Terre & Lac Conseil for Langa continues the key partnership between these three businesses for the development and construction of wind turbine projects. To date, 46 MW have been commissioned, 73 are authorised and their sites being prepared, and twenty or so further projects are going through the approval process or in development.

As Etienne Martin from Langa underlines “We share common values as to how we go about and think about renewable energy projects, and also in terms of regional equipment policy. ”


The farm in a few figures :

6 Enercon E53 turbines

Tower: 73m

Blades: 26m

Unit capacity: 0.8MW

Overall capacity: 4.8 MW

Annual production: 9,800 MWh/year

The equivalent of the domestic consumption of more than 8,400 inhabitants 3,300 tonnes of CO2 prevented per year