A future 7-turbine farm

The Sainte-Lizaigne wind farm project is located in Indre – Centre Val de Loire, in the municipality of Sainte Lizaigne. Terre & Lac Conseil developed this 7-turbine project, which is now approved and uncontested. We are now assisting our customerLanga (Engie Green) with selecting the right turbines, site preparation, and connection.

In terms of connection, the Sainte-Lizaigne wind farm, despite its ideal location 1.5 km from the new Source de Paudy substation, must be tailored to meet the requirements of the regional renewable energy network connection scheme with supervision from RTE. Terre & Lac Conseil provides its expertise to minimise lead times and coordinate connection based on the other components requiring syncing.

Once these stages have been completed, Terre & Lac Conseil will coordinate the project’s construction.

This will mean managing the construction of 7 wind turbines, with a total rated capacity of 22.5 MW (5 x 3.3 MW + 2 x 3 MW).

How the project came about

Back in November 2015, a first meeting was held between elected officials from the municipality of Sainte-Lizaigne and representatives of LANGA, who were already involved on solar projects in the region, particularly in Issoudun. The framework documents actually consider the zone as being favourable to renewable energies, including wind turbines. Subsequently, the support from the elected officials, motivation of the municipal teams, and the development work by Terre & Lac Conseil contributed to the smooth running of every phase of the project. Wind turbine energy is now part of the municipality’s main energy policy.

Image: Aubigeon wind farm, operated in the same municipality by Terre & Lac Conseil for its customer Rive PI