The French energy minister, Elisabeth Borne, named the wind turbine projects selected via the 5th session of the French energy regulatory commission’s land-based wind turbine invitation to tender.

Of the 35 winning projects, three projects are managed by Terre & Lac Conseil (nearly 10% of the selected projects!).
The projects were:

  • Plaine de l’Etantot (Seine-Maritime): this 21.6MW, farm featuring 6 Nordex N 117 – 3.6MW turbines, was developed by TERRE & LAC CONSEIL for its client LANGA / ENGIE GREEN  with support from SEIDER , our local partner. The farm is currently under construction with supervision from TERRE & LAC CONSEIL, and infrastructure by INEO. Commissioning is scheduled for early 2021.

  • Tréveray Saint-Joire (Meuse): 15.4 MW, i.e. 7 Vestas V100 turbines on a project with a total of 13 turbines, i.e. 28.6 MW overall. This project developed by TERRE & LAC CONSEIL and BAE , its local partner, is now in the construction preparation phase. TERRE & LAC CONSEIL has been appointed as assistant to the project owner by its client LANGA / ENGIE GREEN, for commissioning in late 2021.


  • Artigues-Ollières (Var): 15.4 MW, i.e. seven 2.2MW Vestas V90 turbines on a 22-turbine farm, i.e. 48.4 MW overall, the biggest wind farm in Var and the most powerful in the South of France region, developed Ecoldelta. TERRE & LAC CONSEIL is overseeing the construction of the project for its client, PROVENCIALIS. Commissioning is scheduled for 2020.


Out of 749.3MW of attributed capacity, the projects developed and/or constructed by TERRE & LAC CONSEIL account for 52.4MW, i.e. 7% of attributed capacity.
With an average rate of €62.9/MWh, the results of this invitation to tender demonstrate the competitiveness of wind farm projects in the French electricity industry and confirm TERRE & LAC CONSEIL’s capacity to develop and build high-quality projects, capable of winning competitive invitations to tender.



  •  TERRE & LAC CONSEIL is assisting a new client with its asset holding strategy in France and managing 9 new wind farms operated in France , i.e. total capacity of 118MW!
  • For the second consecutive year, TERRE & LAC CONSEIL has been elected Growth Champion in the rankings published in February 2020 in Les Echos Week-end: TELCO has risen to 160th place out of the 500 biggest French growth champions.
  • TERRE & LAC CONSEIL is providing assistance to the project owner on behalf of its client Quenea for the construction of a 5MWp ground-mounted solar plant in Villeneuve lès Bouloc, near Toulouse (Haute-Garonne).

The project, which has already won a French Energy Regulatory Commission invitation to tender, will involve the repurposing of a former dump (authorised landfill site) by setting up solar panels on the surface layer of old pits, which have now been filled in. This is technically difficult, as earthworks are practically impossible, because it is essential to avoid damaging the geomembrane and the protective layer of clay. The foundations use longitudinal beams laid across the surface. A system located at the foot of the structure is used to intercept water running off panels, and direct it downstream to an outlet at a set rate, with the aim of reducing subsequent treatment of this water.

TERRE & LAC CONSEIL is involved in drawing up the specifications, inviting businesses to tender, supervising the construction phase until the plant is commissioned, assisting with connection, and helping with the choice of the maintenance service provider.

photomontage of the project 

During lockdown, there’s no drop-off in electricity produced using renewable energies!
The unprecedented period we’re currently experiencing reminds us of the major role played by renewable energies in reducing our energy dependency, guaranteeing supply and supporting our economy, as well as continuing to provide green, local and sustainable electricity.
Facilities that produce power using renewable energies – particularly wind farms and photovoltaic plants – do not depend on fuel supplies, require only very limited labour during standard operation, and are generally highly automated. Production volume has not been affected by the restrictions imposed over the last 7+ weeks. 

During this difficult period, all TERRE & LAC CONSEIL’s team remains at full capacity, both working from home and in the field, in accordance with governmental sanitary measures to advise its clients and make progress on projects, irrespective of their current phase.