A big Thank you to M. Pierre-Henri Bintein

We received a letter of testimony and thanks from the Mayor of Prugnanes, Mr Pierre-Henri Bintein, concerning the El Singla wind project. This testimony summarizes the many years of efforts and joint work that we have carried out in close collaboration with the commune of Prugnanes and Avanty.
We would also like to extend our warmest thanks to the Mayor for his letter, which pleased the entire team of TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL.

The letter of the Mayor

The El Singla wind farm includes 9 wind turbines located in Pyrénées Orientales in Occitanie in Southern France.

After several years of discussions and various projects which were set aside because they weren’t suited to local issues, the communes of Prugnanes and Saint-Paul-De-Fenouillet, supported by the community of communes of Agly-Fenouillèdes, decided to build a wind farm on their territory.

The commune’s favourable decision in 2007 kick started the project, which is now nearing its successful completion.

The decision was followed by 10 years of studies, support and partnerships, and requests for authorisations and public inquiries.

TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL has been assisting the AVANTY project since 2013, to support and supervise the successive stages of project development, bank funding (close to €34M), preparation and completion. Terre et Lac’s involvement in the project has been decisive in its realisation, as it has given the project a real boost by setting the pace, allotting time frames and ensuring plenty of local presence.

The wind farm is due to be activated in the summer of 2017 for an average output of 52,000 MWh a year; that is equal to the consumption of 45.000 people (excluding heating), in other words four times the population of Fenouillèdes. A long-term project which has been conducted in a professional partnership-based manner from beginning to end.

In addition to generating green energy, this is also a way for our commune to give our territory a new form of energy, a form of energy that is gentle, financial and economical. In concrete terms our commune will be increasing its resources thanks to the rent received for each one of the 9 wind turbines (a total of €100,000/year). All the wind turbines are indeed located on communal land, a deliberate choice on the part of our municipal council and based on a territorial reality. The communal budget will also be increased by 5,000 euros a year by taxing real estate property. And of course the municipal council has promised that all the profit will be reinvested to enhance the well-being and quality of life of the inhabitants of the commune.

And finally, the work underway is currently generating a turnover of approximately €250.000/MW for local subcontractors (civil engineering, networks, concrete constructions…), that is a total of 2.2 million euros invested over the past months by AVANTY under the supervision of TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL throughout the territory. We have already financed additional developments: donating money to Patrimoine de France for the rebuilding of Pont Vieux in Prugnanes, at the entrance of the village. Trails have been created in a hitherto inaccessible zone in the middle of the garrigue to the great delight of hikers, mountain bike enthusiasts and hunters alike. We also intend to provide the same sort of support to wine growers in our territory, to help them replant their vines at the foot of the wind turbines.

We are proud of our choices and welcome this partnership with TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL, a unique and flexible partnership that has provided the whole municipal team with highly professional support throughout this new project.”

Pierre-Henri Bintein
Mayor of Prugnanes