The EnerGaïa Forum in Montpellier was an unmissable event for renewable energy players such as TERRE ET LAC Conseil and TERRE ET LAC Solaire.
A large number of elected representatives and energy transition stakeholders attended the event in order to voice their views on this revolution and on the new, ambitious goals.


CAROLE DELGA, President of the Occitanie region, opened the 11th forum and in her inaugural speech, she outlined the milestones of global energy transition and presented the ambitious resources and goals of the Occitanie region: “Together, let’s become the first positive energy region in Europe”.


Bertrand Piccard – psychiatrist, famous explorer, designer of Solar Impulse and President of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions – also took the floor at the forum to state that: “Occitanie targets a clean technological growth objective. It’s not more, it’s better. It’s exciting and leaves absolutely no room for doubt”. Mellyn Massebiau, associate director of TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL, met with Bertrand Piccard and was able to thank him for his action against climate change, his presence in Occitanie for the EnerGaia 2017 exhibition and his support of wind power development.


Terre et Lac Conseil and Terre et Lac Solaire are regional actors. They are involved on a daily basis in accomplishing the energy transition goals as set out by the Occitanie region, notably through the development of the El Singla wind park, which they recently inaugurated El Singla wind farm, or the solar roofing installed for the Tatavel and Vingrau wine cooperatives.