In the course of providing project management assistance (coordination of the construction site, local relations, networks) TERRE ET LAC is supervising the installation of six wind turbines in Chamole in Jura, each capable of producing 3 MW.

193 metres from their base to the tip of their blades! Who would have believed such a feat? This is just 15 cm smaller than Montparnasse Tower in Paris!
This spectacular wind farm will be activated late in 2017 and produce 42 GWh a year; that is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 12.000 homes excluding heating.
An ambitious project also supported by district chairperson of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Marie-Guite Dufay, a staunch supporter of the energy transition. Present on site on the 16th June, during La Journée du Vent (Wind Day), she spoke of her commitment and wish to turn the region into a territory devoted to positive energy.,1102,11371

Why do the wind turbines need to be so tall?
The wind turbine manufacturers says this is a way of harnessing stronger and more constant winds and therefore of ensuring the project will achieve optimum efficiency.

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