A 6 to 8 wind turbine project

The project consists of a wind farm with 6 to 8 turbines, for a total output of between 18 and 24 MW, scheduled to be installed in 2018-2019 in the commune of Saint Lizaigne, which is part of the Communauté de Communes du Pays d’Issoudun, in the Indre Department in the Centre-Val de Loire Region.

Very favourable conditions

This area’s wind-power potential was confirmed in regional development plans, the first impact and feasibility assessments, and by the deliberations of the City Council of Sainte Lizaigne. The project therefore received approval. Environmental, landscape and noise studies were started in parallel to consultations with local stakeholders.

A crowdfunding investment programme has been launched

In order to encourage support and involvement in the development of the project, an invitation for citizens to invest has been launched. The offer is first being made to people who live in the area and will then be extended nationally so that French citizens can support and play a role in this project right from its development. An opportunity for local residents to buy into the project and share in its success!


A virtuous project scheduled for 2019

LANGA & TERRE ET LAC CONSEIL’s role is to facilitate the consultation and providing of information with the steering committee, the population and the other stakeholders in the project. In parallel, the administrative applications will be filed during the summer of 2017, and then processed. If all the permits are obtained, construction could take place in 2019 with the commissioning of the wind farm late in 2019, for twenty years of operation!

Key figures for the wind farm:

  • more than 45,000 MWh (45 million kWh) per year
  • covering the equivalent of 100% of households’ electricity requirements in the town of Issoudun (13,680 inhabitants)
  • saving 43,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions every year (compared to coal-based electricity production)
  • A life expectancy of 20 years for the wind turbines, which will then be dismantled by the operator
  • Once dismantled, 98% (by weight) of the materials are recyclable, the remaining 2% being fibreglass (which can be incinerated with heat recovery)

By using a natural, abundant, infinite resource in response to a growing demand for energy, the Sainte Lizaigne wind farm project is participating in achieving global, national and regional targets for renewable energies.

You too can participate by supporting the crowdfunding project today: https://enerfip.fr/placer-son-argent/investissement-eolien/societe-du-parc-eolien-de-sainte-lizaigne/